Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Lazy. So What?

But I still beat Becci at bowling! *teehee* I told her I was going to shame her into beating me again, because that's the way it should be--she's the better bowler.


Things are hectic around the house. At last count, I had 1456 projects going at once (give or take a few hundred.) I can't manage to complete anything, so the living room floor is only 1/10th of the way redone (went with Carribbean Cherry flooring!), the kitchen is unclean, there's something growling at me from the depths of the refrigerator, a dirty sock grabbed me around the ankle and tried to pull me into the hamper, and the dining room table is lost under a pile of paper and unsolicited fliers. Not to mention Sam being a pest every time I actually try to do something! And I still haven't managed to watch the X-Files movie I borrowed from Bec--but somehow I had time to watch Norbit twice this weekend. ("O00hhh, I'm slidin'!") Go figure.

Yeah, yeah. I know. How can I be so far behind when I have no husband or kids to take care of? It's a mystery. Having to distract Sam every few minutes to stop him from destroying what's left of the house takes up a lot of time and energy. He behaves better when I sit down with him on the couch and let him curl up in my lap to sleep. Heaven forbid I try to get up and do anything while he sleeps, though! Spoiled rotten little spawn of Satan.

I think it's time we started looking for a little brother or sister for him to play with just so I can keep some sanity.

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  1. Yep, sounds like Sam needs a friend. Why do cats do that when it's just one of them versus one human?