Monday, February 2, 2009

What Day is It?

Oh, yeah. Monday. Sigh. The longest time of the work week before the weekend.

I've been busy today getting end of month reports in and relaying the tale of my Saturday evening visitor. Everyone I know now demands that I do something about the cat door. Crap. This means the litter box comes back in and the boys are shut inside with me until daybreak. I don't know if I can stand it! But it will definitely cut down on the wild kingdom action going on in the house if I just close the cat door every night. I mean, who knows what else is coming besides raccoons and stray cats? My luck there's a colony of field mice taking cover in the pantry.

I did decide to start feeding the raccoon outside in the hopes of discouraging it from coming inside. I'll just set it a place at the patio table and hope it has some table manners. (Yeah, right!)

So let's now count the number of animals in my kingdom:
3 "tame" furrballs
2 stray furrballs
1 little dog called Bob
2 opossums
1 mole (at least 1)
1 baby cardinal
and 1 raccoon.

Maybe I should just go stand out in the backyard, sing a few songs from Snow White, and wait for deer and other critters to gather 'round.

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