Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why Do I Need a Vacation?

Because it's Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays. They're my busiest day of the week. And today I have not one, but TWO conference calls on top of all the things I typically have to do on a Tuesday. What *&^#$%^**& decided these meetings had to take place today? (Never mind the fact that I have repeatedly requested no meetings on Tuesdays!)

These two calls, plus tomorrow's weekly status meeting will bring the "waste of time want to bang my head" total to three for the week. Three calls in one week about our system upgrade. A project, need I remind you, that has eaten up over a year of my life. And we're nowhere near finished yet. This afternoon's call is scheduled for 3 hours! AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!! (Vegas odds on actually accomplishing anything during these meetings? 1000 to 1.)

Deep breaths, find your happy place.... bunnies, kittens, puppies, field of flowers, Brad Pitt... OK, feeling better. Dang. That frustration really rears it's head pretty quickly.

My raccoon friend returned last night. I was actually thinking about him when I turned around from putting stuff away in the fridge to find him peering at me through the back door. Still a bit startling to see a wild animal on the patio. Especially one with such obvious intelligence.

I left him a bowl of cat food on the patio table, along with a handful of cheese popcorn. (Yeah, I've still got a whole tin of the stuff left over from Christmas.) The cat's water bowl was clean this morning, so looks like our buddy stayed outside. I think I will call him Max.

(and thanks to Natalie Dee for the cartoon!)

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