Monday, April 6, 2009


Now, is that number a milestone, or just a reminder that yet another year has passed by and I'm becoming bitchier and more bitter by the second?

Should be the first. Leaning heavily towards the latter.

Yes, my "birthday" arrives at some point this month. I won't say when because I prefer the day to pass unnoticed.

Last year I bought myself a house for my birthday. This year I'd just like a few hundred projects to be finished. Like the laminate flooring in the living room (when did that start? February), the fence and gate so the boys can't sneak out so easily, the new interior doors, the light fixtures in the dining room and kitchen, the ginormous utility room needs a thorough cleaning and painting, not to mention the construction of both a storage shed and rabbit pen. Oh, and all those damned boxes that I still haven't unpacked.

I actually have the materials for 90 percent of these projects, just need the labor. And I've learned that one woman alone cannot complete them. No matter how much determination she might have. But, since hunting and other pursuits are more important to the one man I actually thought I could depend on, looks like I'm going to put forth some hard-earned cash and get myself a handy man to help out. I really hope he'll work for peanuts. Where's Andrew Dan-Jumbo when I need him?

It really would help to have a husband, but I probably wouldn't be able to depend on him, either. (Was that bitter? I couldn't tell.)

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  1. I have a handy man. I just haven't called him for over a year now... which I should... I've had a couple of doors waiting to be hung for that period of time. Btw, happy birthday... whenever it hits.