Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Wee Postlet

Just a few quickies. I'm neck deep in shit right now thanks to, well, the economy, the corporation I work for, and so forth. None of which can be discussed in cyberspace. Which pisses me off even more.

Anyway, first up, my thanks goes out to my sister's friend Diana, who alerted us to a possible Tommy sighting. She was at her vet's and saw a sign for a grey and white cat that had showed up at someone's house. Well, I dashed out of work and over to the vet's office to get a good look at the pictures before I called the people. I was filled with mixed hope and dread, and dread won out. The kitty was not my Tommy. I walked out of the vet's office in tears. Thanks anyway, Diana, and thank you so much for still being on the lookout.

Then last night, my dear little Jakey got jumped by a neighborhood cat that came into our yard. Jake was relatively unharmed, perhaps because of his defense mechanism. You know how skunks have odor and squids have ink? Well, Jake's is poo. Yes, he pooed everywhere and I quite frankly didn't want to let him in the house until he'd cleaned himself up. (It's one thing to clean you up when someone else has done something to you, but when you've done it to yourself? You're on your own.)

Protective older brother Sam leapt into the melee and held off the intruder until I got out there with my broom. Where's the damned neighbor's dog when you need him?

Izzy discovered a tiny hole in the fence just big enough for him to squeeze his chubby little belly through and out into the front yard. Luckily he was only out there a few seconds before I realized what he'd done. The fence is getting replaced this weekend. And quite possibly with netting at the top to keep my boys in and intruders out.

That's it for now. Maybe things will turn around soon and I can come up with more to talk about than the boys.

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