Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Have We Been Up To?

So this month I've worked every day with just two full days off. It's been hard to keep the days straight, much less relay everything the boys have been up to. I finally got pictures downloaded, so thought I'd share a few.

Jake napping with a good book.
Izzy hiding out in my purse. I didn't realize he was in there until I picked it up. Sneaky little imp.

A shot from the Beach Boys concert. The one night this month I actually went out. Of course, it was with my parents.
Dad at the concert. Not sure if he was enjoying it or not. He sat like that through the entire show.
My Peruvian Daffodils started blooming, as did my dahlias below. All right, now that I look at it, there's really not a lot that happened this month. At least that I can remember. Mostly I've put everything aside until I finish the work stretch. After this weekend I actually get my life back! Plus, I get to take a week of vacation, mostly made up of the comp time I've built up this month. Can't wait to get to sleep in. My body is now trained to obey the alarm clock seven days a week. Must break the cycle!


  1. Awww. Jake's too cute. I like what he does with a book instead of what my Plato like to do.... chew on it.

  2. Izzy's the one now chewing on things--me, my books, my purse, shoes, toes, whatever he can get into his mouth. I handed him a cardboard box the other night and he decontructed it with surgical precision.

  3. Yeah, it took me awhile to catch onto Plato and paper. One day I had picked up some old bills and noticed that a bunch of them appeared to have had staples that were then removed, leaving two holes perfectly lined up. Then it dawned on me... there's now way in hell my bills would have been stapled together and then removed without me knowing. Of course it helped that Plato decided at that second to leave his mark on a few other papers I had on the table as I was trying to clear them out. Then I started finding the same marks on books that I kept on my night stand. I finally learned to put whatever book, I'm working on at the time, in a drawer when it's not being read. I'm screwed when the day comes that he figures out how to open drawers. His brother, Aristotle, already has cabinet-opening down to an art.