Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seven More Days

I almost brushed my teeth with deodorant this morning.

Yes. That's how tired I am. It's Saturday and the alarm went off at 5 a.m. I shifted the furrballs off of me, staggered to the bathroom, showered, got dressed, got deodorant in the proper spots, then turned on the water at the sink and picked up my toothbrush. I reached for "toothpaste" and looked down to find I actually had the lid off the deodorant and was centimeters away from smearing it across my toothbrush. I just stood there for a few seconds going "huh."

Just a few more hours to go at work today, then tomorrow and then Monday through Friday. And after that? Say it with me, folks: VACATION!!

No plans to go anywhere, this is a complete and total "stay-cation" with a few trips to Home Depot thrown in for fun. There's a ton of projects around the house to finish and the list gets longer every day. *sigh* Home ownership is fun!

The World's Greatest Nephew (patent pending on the title) turned 10 years old yesterday. Cannot believe the cuddly little thing who spent the first few months of his life peeing on me (my shoes were always a favorite target) has hit double digits. One of us is getting old, and it ain't me!

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  1. I've nearly poured toner on my toothbrush. When odd things make it to the toothbrush, or you use the wrong products in the shower (like soap for the hair instead of shampoo) you know that you're lagging on sleep. I hope you can catch up on it soon!!