Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Sorry, Mr. Whipple.

Here's a new installment in my "if you can't be a good example, be a horrible warning" series.

Tip: toilet paper does not launder well.

I threw in a load of laundry last night, ghosted back to the living room to finish reading my book (book one in the Dresden Files series--I had to know who the killer was!), and didn't think about the clothes until much later. Imagine my surprise when I opened the lid of the washer to find my dark clothes spotted with a ton of white fuzz. What the heck?!?

I pulled the clothes out of the wash, trying to figure out the cause of their sudden growth of woolly covering. I saw a few bits of wet cardboard, but still couldn't tell figure out the culprit. I shook the clothes, trying to get it off. Izzy--who must know what I am doing at all times--was at my feet and hit by a sudden snow shower. The little that came off when I shook the clothes made no dent in the amount.

I stood there with a dilemma. Even though I didn't know what caused it, I still needed to figure out how to get it off. Put the clothes in the dryer and let the stuff come off by itself, or stick everything back in the wash and try to rinse it off?

I went with the dryer. Stuffed everything in and turned it on and continued pondering what had happened. That's when I noticed something was missing.

Izzy, darling little kitten that he is, tends to find out-of-the-way corners to do his evil stinky business in when he gets mad. One of those corners happens to be between the wall and the dryer. Last time I cleaned up after him, I'd grabbed a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom, tore off what I needed to wipe the floor, and left the roll on top of the dryer.

So in my rush to get clothes into the washer and get back to my book, I must have knocked the toilet paper in there, as well.

I let the clothes dry, checked them just before time was up, and found the filter overflowing with toilet paper bits. The clothes were dry, but they were still covered in fuzz. I tossed everything back into the washer to start the whole process over and went to bed. I'll check on it's status when I get home tonight.

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  1. Now that sucks. I've had the odd tissue explosion, but not the the degree of your TP experience.