Friday, July 3, 2009

First Photo of the Bunny Haus!

Things have progressed far enough on the rabbit pen that it's ready for occupation!

OK, so the roof still needs to be finished, and trimwork done to make it match the house, but my bunnies can move in! Finally! They've been living at my grandparents' for way too long.

As you can see, I designed it to be transitional. Someday, after the bunnies are gone, it can become a greenhouse (and they just might find themselves sharing space with potted plants come wintertime!)

Grandad and I are working on it some more first thing in the morning. Hopefully I can bring them to their new home on Sunday.

But, if he doesn't start behaving, Izzy might be its first occupant. During the time it has taken me to type this short post, he's climbed all over me and the laptop, I've yelled at him about attacking the lampshade, he knocked a picture off the entertainment center and scaled the bookcase.

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  1. Wow, now that is neat!!! I hope you post a picture of the finished project!