Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Political Thoughts

For the most part, I keep my thoughts on the political race to myself, much like my thoughts on religion. I can count on a lumberjack's hand the number of people I discuss both topics with.

I refuse to be part of the crowd who forwards emails willy-nilly proclaiming a candidate is this or that. For the record, I'm voting for Obama. I don't care for McCain's politics, but I do respect his service to this nation. I don't forward any emails regarding him because I don't feel there's a need. His actions speak for themselves. And his messages of hate and negativity that I have seen lately are starting to make me lose what little respect I do have for him. Don't try to argue that it is others in his campaign (Palin) who are saying these things. When McCain sits silent, he is approving their message. It is his campaign, after all. What comes from it comes from him. Do you really want a president who won because he called his opponent a terrorist and sat idly by while supporters called for his death? What kind of country is this?? How can any one of you turn a deaf ear while such an injustice is perpetrated?!?! How Un-American!

So why must people send me these lies about Obama? He's a Muslim!!! No. He's friends with terrorists!! Again, no. Socialism! Nope. Hates America!! No. You're doing nothing more than grasping at straws.

I hate to pull the race card on you people, but the reason you keep looking for things about him and forwarding emails that only perpetuate lies is because you're too scared to come out and say that you don't want to vote for him because he's black. I dare you to refute my claim. You don't "trust" him? Tell me why. And don't you dare try to use any of the excuses I've already covered in the paragraph above.

I've been called a sheep because of my views. What?!?! A sheep only follows the one in front of it without looking up to see where they're going. They're told where to go, what to do, when to do it.

I have looked at both candidates and their platforms and made an educated decision. Do I agree with everything that Obama has laid out? No. There are some things we have a pretty big difference of opinion about. But I still agree with him more often and have more confidence in him as a leader than I do John McCain.

If I am a sheep, then I am a black one. Able to think for myself and go my own way. If you are voting for McCain, that's cool. It's your choice and the Constitution allows you to have it. But there are better ways to try to get me on your side than sending me hideous lies. Try facts over fiction. Grandma always said you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar. If your candidate cannot win on facts, then he does not deserve to preside over this nation.

One last bit before I go--Bill Clinton presided for eight years over a nation that saw its biggest economic growth in modern times. Under George W. Bush, we have lost more than we can count--jobs, lives, freedom, respect. The current problems of this nation cannot be laid solely at the foot of 9/11. The stewardship since that date is what has led us here. Do you want change, or more of the same?

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