Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Non Sequiturs

So I have discovered my purpose at work--providing snarky comebacks to my coworkers for their emails. Not that they ever actually use them, but they like them. I guess I'm really the comic relief. Especially when they walk past my office window and see me actually trying to rip out my hair whilst I labor through yet another endless conference call.

My friend Stacy is in the hospital fighting a staph infection. In fact, she's in the process of being transferred to another hospital in the hopes that they can do more for her. She's been in for two weeks and while she hasn't gotten worse, she hasn't gotten any better. Here's hoping things will finally get better and she can get back home to my godchildren.

Becci and I went bowling today at lunch. She did about average, I just averaged bad. Out of 4 games, I could barely get my score over 100 for two of them and managed to crawl over 90 for the other two. Bleh. Honestly, we should have waited until after my conference call. I'm still ticked off enough that I could have thrown a perfect game. (With all the little pins named after people who ticked me off!)

My friend Bettina had her house broken into yesterday. Evidently the felons waited for her to leave before they knocked in the front door, which we are all thankful for--who knows what could have happened if she had been home. They got away with a couple TVs, DVRs, the XBox, her jewelry box and a few other things. Her son discovered the break-in when he came home from school. Luckily he was smart enough not to go into the house and went to the neighbor's instead and called his mom. I can't imagine coming home to something like that. Here's hoping they invest in a good security system! I should send her my cute salesman!

I have a story from last Friday regarding a family member and the ongoing adventures of her husband's travails around the house. (I'll keep the names out in order to protect the guilty.) Seems their electricity went out that morning while they were getting ready for work and in their search for flashlights he remembers he left one up in the attic. Well, my cousin was getting their baby dressed when she heard a loud crash from the living room. She goes out to see what happened, and you guessed it, he took a wrong step and crashed through the ceiling. Luckily, he did not fall to the floor, but he had a heck of a job getting all of that repaired.

The Leg Magic machine is working. It is causing me pain. So something must be happening. I just really hope I start seeing results instead of just feeling results soon!

I've been at work five days straight with two more to go, have been sleeping through the Daily Show, and too busy to read Huffington Post, so my political knowledge is a bit behind, but I did see that the Adolf Hitler kid and his siblings were removed from their home. No news as to why just yet, but it is certain it was for more than just their parents' choice of names.

All right. I have now managed to write about 7 totally unrelated items in one blog. And yes, I did spell "sequitur" correctly. It just looks weird.

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