Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bow Down Before It

I was cleaning the kitchen last night and after moving piles of discarded plastic grocery sacks, Hershey Kiss wrappers and empty pizza boxes, I made an archaeological find--there's this magic box that makes food hot! Does anyone else know about this?!?! If you put a pan of water on top of it and turn it on, the water starts to bubble. Amazing!

OK, I admit it, I'm no chef. I'm a microwaver with some rudimentary baking skills. (Just check out this post for an example!) In my opinion, if it doesn't come in a box from the freezer, then there's not much point in me messing with it. I prefer popping something in the nuke box or the oven and walking away until the timer goes off. Having to stand over the stove and stir, grate, stir, chop, stir, blah blah blah, stir, simmer, stir, just leaves me desiring a trip to Sonic.

But, except for a few ice trays and smoothie mixers, the freezer is currently rather bare. So I had to go spelunking in the cabinet and uncover a box of mac and cheese. (Thanks to a high utility bill this month plus the money I spent during the holidays, it looks like I'm going to be eating a lot of mac and cheese.)

Purpose of this post? I can't really find one. Purpose of Joe the Plumber getting a job as a foreign correspondent? Even less. It's just a desperate attempt at extending his fifteen minutes of "fame." And depressing to those of us who went to school to learn about reporting the news.

I need to run my journalism degree through the shredder. Or maybe I'll fry it up and eat it with a nice sauce.

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